Collaborative teamwork

Ajuga is a different kind of agency. Our team consists of a network of freelance marketing and communications specialists. Each team member has their own successful business and works with us in an ongoing reciprocal relationship. And, because we use this collaborative team concept, we have less staff and less overhead. That’s why our costs are considerably lower than other agencies. It also allows us to use some of the most highly skilled professionals for your project.


Lisa Armstrong

Lisa Armstrong is the owner and creative director at Ajuga, Inc. Lisa started Ajuga in 1999 after almost a decade of designing and art directing for corporations and agencies. She has a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University and 25 years of professional design and advertising experience. She is an illustrator, designer, marketer, freethinker and a mother to dogs.

John Cummins

John Cummins is an accomplished and seasoned web designer and copywriter with 20+ years of experience committed to creating high-quality user interfaces and branding materials for print and online media.

Maria Manning

Maria Manning is a writer, editor and public relations specialist. She has extensive experience in capacity building, fundraising and event planning in both the nonprofit and collegiate communities. She is also a photographer, journalist and book editor with an eye for design. Maria received her degree in Journalism from Marshall University.

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